• Student Policies

    By familiarizing yourself with important Institute policies, you will be fully knowledgeable about the Instiute's expectations of students and your rights as a student.

  • Academics

    Students at Georgia Tech take pride in their academic accomplishments and discoveries. Find out everything you will need to know to ensure your academic success.

  • Safety

    Georgia Tech\'s unique location allows students experience a traditional college campus within the dynamic city of Atlanta. Learn some strategies that will help you stay safe as you take advatage of all Atlanta has to offer.

  • Getting Involved

    Getting engaged in life in and outside of the classroom is key to your success at Georgia Tech.

The Student Handbook is published by the Office of the Dean of Students at Georgia Tech. The information in this Handbook was collected and compiled Fall, 2014. Since the included programs, services, and policies are subject to continuous review and evaluation, the Institute reserves the right to make changes at any time without notice.